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8​-​Bit Pimp

by A_Rival

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Kadt Loput
Kadt Loput thumbnail
Kadt Loput A powerful yet tongue-in-cheek album, big and fun.

Largely hip-hop in influence, the chiptune sounds here are used to create massively entertaining beats and samples that power-up A-Rival's confident flow of lyrics.

Clever, high energy and professionally crafted, A_Rival has truly created a mindfully burlesque and(dare I say)swaggering album that successfully crosses a bridge between geek and thug(if still on the geeky side of the line). Favorite track: Show Me Girl.
Jay-Radd thumbnail
Jay-Radd A valiant Freshman effort. The (somewhat) lacking lyrical skill is nicely compensated by well done Chiptune-Hip Hop production. Favorite track: Secrets.
Pieces of Eight
Pieces of Eight thumbnail
Pieces of Eight Perfect. This album is totally perfect. Favorite track: Show Me Girl.
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- intro - 00:20
Go For Broke 03:31
When me and my crew kicks, we big and exciting like new flicks we're keeping cats moving like broomsticks they say the show's hype and I guess the shoe fits ain't nobody brought this type of this 8-Bit music color me ridiculous when I get into this microphone physicist, get ready cause this is it! nuclear rhyme proliferator life obliterator eye for eye reciprocator time to meet your maker you're just an imitator I'm piercin' through impregnable defense and movin' way to quick for your reflex your body gets ignited like one of the phoenix, your life is out of reach of your arms like t-rex, my style is cretaceous, bitches don't say shit, criticism is baseless, uh huh the rap game is sufferin' from cryostasis so when the bass hits, we just gon' say this come on CHORUS: WHO WANNA GO, TOE TO TOE, BLOW FOR BLOW IT'S TIME TO GO FOR BROKE, COME ON! HA HA HA HA STEP UP IF YOU WANT IT PLAYA I chill with planetskill we unitin' the whole game representin' before dhalsim was spittin the yoga flame I'm bringin' it to suckas who think that they're hot shit if they try to fuck with us then we give 'em the hot shit I break 'em down, 1 by 1, just like 11 when I'm g-g-g-g-gunnin' my tongue like smith and wesson, my style is unblockable we do the impossible try to stop the unstoppable find yourself in the hospital, we rock it all, from magfest to budapest back up to my hometown where we never be slowin' down, the sound's got you bobbin' and weavin' like punchout best believe that we ain't leavin' til after the sun's out, no doubt, clinically proven to get you movin' on stage I be bringin' the pain like count rugen, rockin with no illusion we causin' suckas confusion no stoppin the revolution that we're doin''' CHORUS Wake up cause it's the planet skill, so listen dammit, we'll, show you just what to do and then you do it wake up 'cause it's the planet skill, so listen dammit, we'll, show you just what to do and then you do it like this CHORUS
A_Rival 03:25
Now who's the man who stands in front of you today, the man who come be known as monolithic A -RIVAL the man who made the beats for us to play -RIVAL the man who simply intends to stay - RIVAL I never stay idle but I can get wild when comes to representin' this wT style... rollin' with the fatty electro retro exoskeletal team from the get go The A never let's go when I grabs it works the magic with the skillz so elaborate I don't forget to pass it so J:/Drive can have it but for right now it's a solo habit You know I don't give a fuck about chorus I break it down way more than a ford taurus don't ignore us we're gonna get in your way the music on this planet fell into a disarray We're gonna kick it for you 'cause I think that I'm ok let me introduce you to the A CHORUS: RIVAL R to the I to V to the AL I represent the wT style now, from new york to the bay it's the D, the J, the MC to the A... (repeat) kickin' with lyrical muy thai I give ya 8-bit in your ear and ya eye Even though I'm small, my skill tree is tall and when I spit it raw, yo I spit chainsaws My teeth are almost as twisted as my thoughts and my thoughts got more twists than an episode of Lost I turn 'em into beats and then I kick a verse and now I have a track to make you jump until it hurts I'm all about Wave Theory all day all skill all kill all work all play I'm from another planet but you already know, that I've got a 8-bit slash alien flow We love to rock them synths, down to the ground then back up to the sky to get that Roswell Sound I get into the game to make the skillions complete the way I bust the funkiness there's no way to compete when you hear the rhythm betta get up out yo seat. I'm never anti-aliased and that's why I B CHORUS Breakdown CHORUS
I'm walkin' Michoacán hot, dizzy and tired, a beatup old lonely mercenary for hire, but today runnin' and gunnin' just isn't the way, hard to make a good living when crime doesn't pay  sold my last 2 guns for 6 measly pesos, hit the up the local bar so I can get me some refrescos,  Cervesa Por Favor, I say to the tender, hand 'em all the money that I had when I entered  I take a drink, and lament about bein' poor, when I notice a sign right beside the door,  Necesitamos Mas Musicas Aqui, The bar needs a musician, as I could plainly see  usually I kill machachos for a fee, but today I'm fatty hurtin' for that cash money,  I can't play the guitar, but I can play the synth keys, I think it's time for Cybernetic Mariachi  CHORUS: HEY HEY, HEY HEY, HEY HEY Cybernetic Mariachi (repeat) I went to the pawn shop later that day, sold my chainsaw and picked up LSDJ,  I also grabbed the gameboy I stole from some guy and the twin famicom that I had since I was five.  I kick the bar door open, it goes silent, a couple gringos look like they're about to get violent,  the tender says, "Que quieres hombre?" I look him straight in the eye, "Tocar musica..." I'm your guy,  And then I play.... And then I play.... I play those Aztec square and pulse wavessss,  from my heritage I let it loose, and hit the d-pad to turn up the juice,  I see a bonita shake her caboose, I turn it up so high I blow a fuse,  Just then a dark figured man appears from the back points a pistola at my nutsack,  just when my heart really begins to throb He tells me that I got the job, Cybernetic Mariachi! CHORUS
Yo I spit fire like karnov, when you play this in your deck, make sure that your fire alarm's off my saliva drips mix of propane the flame is extremely dangerous, stay away is a no-brainer I'm no saner than most crazed villains, I don't eat pussy cause if I do, huh she won't make children in fact my whole repertoire is untouched, my words spontaneously combust when my teeth and tongue touch it provides the proper filament, with more explosive force than footstomps of elephants on hoods of honda elements my breath's radioactive blown winds, reach for your arm and pull back with a handful of your own skin, char marks and torn limbs, the rap world suffered from global warmin' when A_Rival stormed in call me scorpion the way I spit flame from my skull bone make your so-called hot track look like cold stone melt em with heat of ridiculous gauges stand in my line of fire get head lit up like nicholas cage's I kill a ghost writer, nobody flows tighter or rhymes hotter your rap sheet's soaked up in ice water, grab your mercury mikes to measure the temp that I spit it y'all cats is frigid, I dwell in celcius, triple digit each verse a volcanic eruption suckas with no substance get thrown in the oven sauteed with raw spray of verbal magma that melts flesh and causes death right after it tags ya check the dental record to identify the corpse! fuck around and get scorched by the 8-bit human torch my voice is electricity that melts your transistors i bring the beatz that keep your eardrums covered in heat blisters even thinkin' 'bout my rhyme will give you fever courtesy of a_rival aka burn breather
- before - 00:42
Show Me Girl 03:54
HEY Yooooo, I step into the place and I'm ready to go, you see I'm futuristic, yet so retro, you want a demo, I'm the best of both worlds ("Are you one of THOSE guys?") I would say so, girl You see I'm different cause I got brain "hah" and a rep that I gotta maintain... "hah" you may say that I'm a nerd, well that may be true, but I get paid a lot of money cause I'm smarter than you So... let's cut the crap and get down to the chase, I wanna see what 8-Bit looks like on your face, so don't be scared, when I take the lead, with a style so hard, it'll make ya bleed, ("AHHHHHHHHHHH") and if you're not special, when we're done with the deed, I'm a make you leave, ("but don't you wanna go again?") nah, I'd rather play marvel with my friends CHORUS: BUT I CAN DO YOU GOOD I don't believe it, you better SHOW ME GIRLLLLLL BUT I LOVE YOU BABY What you want, an achievement? You better SHOW ME GIRLLLLLLLL BUT I CAN DO YOU RIGHT I don't believe it, you better SHOW ME GIRLLLLLL BUT I LOVE YOU BABYWhat you want, an achievement? You better SHOW ME GIRLLLLLLLL So tell me your name and I'll make an assumption, cause the dress that you're wearing only serves one function, give you hint it's not that you have depth, looks like your only goal in life is leaving men out of breath, you can do that for free, "hah" cause you ain't gettin' more out of me, "hah" don't got time to waste on waste of space, you gotta work really hard to show me that ain't the case, so please take this personally, I was laughing when you said you were too good for me, cause I'm into the finer things, like red wine and time machines, I appreciate your enthusiasm, I get bored of thought of making you orgasm, ("what can I do to make it better for you?") make me a sandwich while I play street fighter 2 Chorus You see Helpin' people out is something that I enjoy, here's a few tips to keep me from being annoyed, Keep your mouth shut when you got nothin' to say and I'm tryin' to get down, stay the fuck out the way now let's have a good time "hah" into a 8-bit state of mind "hah" A man like me is going places, stick with me and you will see the bonus stages don't get me wrong I got lots of respect for all the ladies out there with a keen intellect and a knockout body with a intimate touch, of getting' wild on the floor after drinkin' too much, it's quite alright to get ridiculous here, so don't be stuck up, take another swig of your beer or a sip of bacardi, have a shot of petron, anything that'll make you sing along! BUT I CAN Stop right there, cause I don't believe it! You better SHOW ME GIRLLLL CHORUS OUT
- after - 00:28
Push it Down 03:57
PUSH IT DOWN Peep you in the room now I'm checkin' ya out you're the hottest lady all up in the place (no doubt) I like the way your bubble bobbles and ya face oh shoot lookin' cuter than samus in her birthday suit I step over to ya girl and straight ask ya name hand you a fire flower to set your heart aflame order up a potion for us both to sip the club is gonna close hey baby, don't trip jump into my rad racer it's the car that I drive In 8 seconds it goes from 0-255 Cruisin' down the koopa beach and peepin' the stars if you'd be mine baby yo this world could be ours I'm movin' in closer and caressin' your skin you're my twilight princess baby let me in You got me powered up baby, open your eyes the girlies call me snakeman, and I'ma show you why CHORUS: What we gonna do give it to 'em right how we gonna do it all day all night Push it in, Push it down and turn it on Push it in, Push it down and turn it on (repeat x 3) stop at a spot over by rainbow road go down a pipe to reach my ultra-secret abode Now we chillin' at my castle feelin' little bit frisky doin' the things instruction manuals list to be risky you're iffy thinkin' about a bacterion infection but I Pull out the powerglove just for your protection now I got ya runnin' all up in a different mode Now I'm comin' in to input the secret code Up Up to the bed Down Down to the floor Left Left against the wall Right Right against the shower door B-neath the sheets A_Rival Shoot the core give it till you get sore sing the chorus once more CHORUS CHORUS
Let me introduce you to this cybernetic person he goes by the name of Circuit and works the circuitry, to say he spins it perfectly is not hyperbole his positronic brain maintains the 33 and 1/3 syncronization manipulates the platter while his anti-matter drive is amplifying it he's all kinds of tricks, with a vinyl twist he permeates your mind and maybe herneates your spine a bit so haters know and realize it's time to quit Circuit in 'til the end like a finalist divine turntablist with the lazer wrists moving at the speed of light read and write onto the fader switch, cut creationist a true modern marvel of mechanics his hands splits the tracks into fractions, divided up and stacked into local memory, DJ Circuit serves up the enemy CHORUS: There's no way that we will stop Working the circuitry absolutely perfectly RANDOM'S VERSE CHORUS I work these circuits like a cleric that be servin' a clergy A_Rival be the artist that be surely emerging with rhymes disturbing like your wife being buried and the type of funky beats that'll have your mom wake up 5 hours too early I'm sure you've never heard the 8-Bit shit be spit so superbly hexadecibel we're set to go to the top and and then drop it unearthly upon these whack MCs that suck it like Kirby they don't possess the skill to keep that stereo bumpin' like herpes, fools be sellin' out so they can deposit a check a temporary gain in profit for a loss of respect these cats don't know that it's just cause and effect, I keep it real so you can feel the beat and bob your head right off of your neck, I wreck a record label corporate office, and find the weak point like I just shined my sword right at the colossus I brought this, full frontal, fuck being cautious they dumb it down so much it's practically asleep and unconscious when I rock a track I'm taking it hostage, until all my demands are met there's not a chance that I'm gonna stop this find my album on kazaa or rapidshare and then cop it then it my show up so that you can the circuitry poppin' CHORUS
Higher 04:29
Get Higher (repeat x 4) Hit a party with my dorky crew Don't know anybody here, do you? A little bit over-sober don't know what we're gonna do... Just stand around and look goofer some how I don't feel so super Do I need a little somethin' that'll make me feel a little bit less like a total loser? CHORUS: I wanna show you what it feels like when we play Intoxicating invading you night and day Come step into my world and let me blow your mind I'm all around you in you on you and you're mine! Release me, yeah Get higher (repeat x 8) I think I'm startin' to feel weird, my vision's not quite so clear, startin' to think that, maybe we're really just the coolest motherfuckin' people here, but my skin feels like it's sparklin' this wasn't part of the bargain, and now my brain's in outer space like I'm some kind of martian! CHORUS
This is for the people be askin' how I do it also for the peeps who think that I put way too much into it sacrificin' sleep to make the ends meet congruent the hardest core language is one of which I am fluent The school of representing forever I'll be a student graduated with honors and now I'm here on stage to prove it Kick a fresh beat to get all of ya heads movin' scream the verse with me or any words of your choosin' When I say I'm real bitch better know that I'm truthin' 100% into everything I sink my tooth in other whack bitches be fakin' they cartoonin' that shit ain't computin' that's really and darn tootin' people say they serious man, it's gets me fumin' 'cause they don't go all the way to the top, they ain't improvin' they cruisin' for a bruisin' hadoukens and shoryukens I'ma bust the chorus out now, and get you clued in CHORUS: When he steps up to the mic, it's Serious Business Breakin' the mold I'm makin' precidents shatter I keep the mic electrified like Jacob's ladder refining my rhymes to be divine is what I'm after and teach it to the youth of the future the next chapter haters talkin' crap, I pull out my bitch smacker slap 'em up good then eat 'em like a fish snacker stand up for my shit while others stay on the crapper the don't work like duck hunt with no zapper They call me A-Maggedon I bring global disaster You gotta know I stay underground like blaster master People put your hands in the air like badger badger cause it just don't matta CHORUS
Secrets 05:16
In a psuedo-randomized world, some things don't seem like they add up and when the pieces don't fit when you stack up, it's hard to take a step back and let your mind catch up when I think that I've had enough when the going gets tough when it's hard to the take I know it's time that I man up weak in the knees when I'm trine to step up. gotta figure out the way the world is set up Spendin' all my time tryin' to find the secrets the ones that'll set me free gimme all the things that'll make me see all the way to my eternity spendin' all my time tryin' to find the secrets keep mah mind in the unknown it's cold and it's dark and and it feels alone CHORUS: THE WORDS YOU SAY TO ME, DON'T MEAN ANYTHING DESCRIBING ALL THE PLACES THAT WE'LL NEVER SEE SOME ARE QUICK TO SAY THAT I'M WASTING ENERGY IN THE SEARCH FOR THE ALL THE SECRETS TO MY EVERYTHING Other people play this game, day to day using the old strategies believing there's no other way to the end, thinkin' that they have something to teach me even though I'm lookin' like I don't know what I'm doin' searchin' all the places they've already seen bombin' at the walls like metroid fiend lookin' for the things that may lie in between, I don't give a ..... Even if I lose all my lives in vain pursuit I'ma feel better that the game's complete and I didn't break down and take an easy route spendin' all my time tryin' to find the secrets keep mah mind in the unknown 'cause every little thing that I've been shown only serves to remind me that I'm alone CHORUS There are people out there who say that ignorance is key telling you the guidebook is all that you need but you gotta take a second look and see that that more you know the less it seems like it fits I don't ever claim to have the answer but I know this isn't it. Everyone starts at stage 1 and can take bunch of interlocking paths to the end of the game is it all the same? Sometimes you gotta ask the questions that hurt the most, that feel the most real when the game is over will your secrets be revealed? CHORUS Can you change me? Show me that there's something else I want you to change me
8-Bit Pimp 02:59
I'm a vocal cannon, verbal megaman and I'm so damn boss some people call me gannon But I'm not pig-headed, so much as big-headed I kill MCs with ease like cheese I leave 'em shredded Don't forget it, yo, I keeps it retronomical My skill is astronomical, I jump over the obstacles travel 'cross the land so i can get my coins, and I'll score with girl if she'll give me bonus points, Ain't no princess I can't handle,  the way stretch it bed, they call me bionic commando just to give you an example,  I'm like a cross between rambo and hatori hanzo I love to shoot em up, I love to slice and dice a nintendo can be used as a floatation device It works for me, now I know I'm the shit I'm a bonified pimp player...  8bit CHORUS: 8 BIT, PLAYERS AND PIMPS THROW, YOUR HANDS UP HIGH 8 BIT, PLAYERS AND PIMPS THROW, YOUR HANDS UP HIGH 8 BIT, PLAYERS AND PIMPS THROW, YOUR HANDS UP HIGH 8 BIT, PLAYERS AND PIMPS THROW, YOUR HANDS UP HIGH I create rhythms for 20 year old systems and sound mechanisms in a quest to garner wisdom And now I learned a lesson  got some problems or a symptom? don't bother trying to fight 'em just pimp 'em Pimpety Doo-dah, Pimpety-dizzle Nobody beats the 8-bit A_Rizzle If you girlies wanna play, don't think that you're disturbin' just give me a blow, and then I'll start workin' I got pixelation of the brain, I'm so edgy I'm come to kick ass and take names, Ask Reggie! Some say I'm retarded or lame, but they don't  understand I've just restarted the game! and I've got 30 lives, but I only need one and I'm miles ahead now that I pack a spread gun. It's game over, it's done, that's it, you was messin' with a pimp player, 8-bit CHORUS Now let me see you shake it, let me see you shake it, let me see you shake it, shake it, 8-Bit (x 4) They say pimpin' ain't easy, but for me it really is I don't know why I've been blessed with all these skillions runnin' and jumpin' duckin' and punchin' and flyin' and spyin' and causin' malfunctions I LOVE THAT SHIT. THE 2A03 If you don't know that, son, you don't know me. The competition's so free, I'm so legit I'm a bonified pimp player, 8-bit! CHORUS
Last Boss 04:18
1 hundred thousand years ago it was written - that a demon would return to stalk the land of livin' a kid was told never to cheat in games but he didn't listen as a result a demon manifested in his game - system As I awoke I felt my hatred directed to you, the kid who needed to be taught a valuable lesson a child who wasn't taught that all games should be respected I decided here and now to leave a lasting impression First off I disabled all the codes that were messin' with game mechanics such as infinite ammo for all your weapons no more unlimited lives to use at your discretion and now your in-game hero is easily bested after a few deaths, you leave your house in order to check if the game enhancer that you purchased at the store was defective you bring a new one home and plug it in but I disconnect it inside your system in order to leave the game unmolested You can't beat the first level now you're sweatin' unable to understand the fate that you have been destined BUT WHY AM I LOSING? You can't answer the question and nothing could save you not even divine intervention CHORUS: I'M, THE LAST, BOSS now you're sittin' back  appalled and shocked and annoyed thinking back at all the bosses that you couldn't destroy all the really simple hazards that you couldn't avoid whether a cruise missile or a derelict asteroid every game you play each strategy you try to deploy gets broken down just like a cheaply manufactured toy you blame your game system but it's just a decoy to hide this demon in this system out to murder you boy! CHORUS Now you're totally dead, son, it's a shame I've beaten you to total death in every game and every generation that comes out is the same you buy an action replay x or something equally lame And when the cheats don't do you good you bitch and moan and complain till people think you have something completely wrong with your brain you never ever win and now it starts to drive you insane until you start to look at consoles with a look of disdain and now your game career is gone just as fast as it came no one believed that your affliction was as bad as you claim and in reality they're right, no demon could ever change the fact that you just suck ass at games. CHORUS


8-Bit beats.

100% real hip-hop.


released March 11, 2010





A_Rival is a hip-hop/electronic rapper/producer from San Francisco, CA who has a geniune obsession/interest in video games.

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