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A_Rival is a hip-hop/electronic rapper/producer from San Francisco, CA who has a geniune obsession/interest in video games.

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Track Name: I Wanna Be a Ninja Turtle
When my teacher asked me what I wanna be when I grow up
I straight looked her in the eye like I just do not give a fuck
and I said “I just wanna be a ninja turtle” fight crimes
write rhymes, my favorite one he wears the purple
he’s a brainiac who also has insane attacks
and when he, waves his staff you know he kicks some major ass
but honestly I think I’ll make a separate contribution,
pick a unique color mask and join the revolution,
My expertise in martial arts is minimal but mainly
it’s because I eat a different type of pizza on the daily,
but I’m mega motivated, the opposite of lazy,
and I plan to buy a turtle van with all my college savings

what you mean that’s not a real career,
did you hear? Crime has doubled since the previous year
which means someone’s gotta step up to the plate, and I shall demonstrate
how I can infiltrate then disappear beneath the sewer grate
pass me the amphibian, I’m a grab the mutagen
and we’ll dip in together like 2 voices sung in unison
ready to give up humanity to make a difference,
I’m a kill the foot God as my witness

I hope you get the point just like a Ninja Star
keep the convicts runnin’ you can call me sinistar
the crime world is a china shop and I’m the minotaur
Heroes in half-shell, you know who we are, who we are